Korean War and Korea Defense Service Veterans Association, Inc. 
Department of Florida (DoF)

The KWVA Department of Florida Procedure to Recognize POWs/MIAs

POW MIA Chair Procedure, Department of Florida, KWVA, Korean War Veterans AssociationPresiding officer: "The KWVA, Department of Florida, Inc., will now remember the 7,839 of our  brothers who still lay silent in unknown places in North Korea, the 63,000+ MIAs of all wars from WWII to the present, and all their families who still await closure after so many years.

We do this by designating a POW/MIA Chair at all member meetings as a physical symbol to not only our Korean War and Service brothers but to all other American POW/MIAs still unaccounted for from all wars.

We place this POW/MIA symbol on the empty chair as a reminder to:

rededicate ourselves to spare no effort to secure the release of all American prisoners from captivity,

achieve the repatriation of the remains of those who died bravely in defense of liberty, and

have full accounting of those still missing.

The Sargent-at-Arms, will now place the POW/MIA cover on the Chair."


The Sargent at Arms now carries the POW/MIA cover to the front of the room, preferably on the side where the American Flag has been posted. He/she salutes the American Flag, and then proceeds to the center of the room where the empty chair has been preplaced. He/she places the cover on chair, takes one step backward and slow-salutes the POW/MIA symbol, and retreats.


At end of meeting just prior to final salute to the American Flag, The President/Presiding officer declares: "Sargent-at-Arms, please remove the cover from the POW/MIA chair." Sargent-at-arms now first slow-salutes the POW/MIA symbol, then removes and retreats. ###