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Online Procedure to Verify and Report Deceased Members for Departments and Chapters using Association "In Memoriam" retrieval

This is the online procedure for Chapters and the Department to follow to verify that all its deceased members are correctly accounted for in Deceased Members Listings from the Association Membership DB. Following this procedure achieves at least two desirable results: 1) Departments or Chapters do not need to maintain their own deceased member files or procedures, and 2) the Association Membership DB is better maintained.

The In Memoriam Screen is shown at the left. Departments may retrieve deceased members for their Departments by clicking the solid arrow in the "State:" field, select their state, and then click Search.

For Department of Florida, entering "Florida" in the State field will retrieve the complete file of members (those whose Graybeards go to a FL address) who have been reported as deceased. Note that you can limit the scope of your search by specifying the year(s) of your search. (Also note: hit the Back Arrow to return to the DoF website.)

Chapters may check their deceased member roster this same way. Just enter your Chapter Identification Number (CID) in "Chapter #: and hit Search. You may also want to specify year of search as well.This will retrieve all deceased members showing your CID as their primary affiliation irrespective of state.

Note that there is a printer friendly option to print the results, which likely will be multiple pages. However, printing is not usually needed or recommended.

This makes a very easy way for Chapters to maintain rosters of their members who have been reported as deceased to the Membership Office.

Check the list for the names of members that you know have passed away. If they are already shown in the retrieved list then you need do nothing. If they are not in the list, the most likely reason is that you have not reported them as deceased (or perhaps they have never been members of KWVA).

In the former case, please advise the Membership Office, so they may then change that member's record to deceased. You should also report the date of death. You may reach the membership office at: membership@kwva.org , KWVA Membership, PO Box 407, Charleston, IL 61920-0407, or at www.kwva.org in your Chapter's secure access menu.

There is a double reason or benefit for using this procedure: 1) it is much easier for a Department or a Chapter to maintain its "deceased members file," and 2) it helps ensure that the Graybeards does not continue being sent after a member passes away, i.e., it helps maintain the Association base. (Otherwise Life Members will often fail to be reported for years and years and the Association incurs the extra costs of mailing the Graybeards.)

Now please click this following link "In Memoriam -- FULL Database Listing of Members who have passed away," and bring your deceased membership roster up to date. Thank You!

But wait, there is still more!

You will likely notice that some deceased members names are in blue and are underlined; these members have additional information, such as: obituary, photo, or other such information.

This information does not get there by magic or accident; it is your Chapter's duty to prepare it and send it to the Membership office. 

Click here to see an example of one such entry. You should have similar entries for as many of your Chapter members for whom you have the requisite information.

This procedure works! You ought to be following it if you are not now. TJT