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Stories and Books

This page contains stories and books that KWVA members have written. They may be a part of this site or may be through links to other sites. They are listed in no particular order below. Please click on the link to view the content.

Turned night into day: BATTLEFIELD ILLUMINATION IN KOREA,  William Russell

"South To The Naktong, North To The Yalu" by Roy E. Appleman, full text online    Full PDF copy   

Korean Vet (Bill McCraney) Remembers Forgotten War    

Bill Allen gets his POW/MIA display at Tampa Bay Veterans Hospital

Christmas 1946 Mass Bulletin, with the 3rd Engineers in Kokura, Japan. William C Simunek

Korean War Crimes

Carmel and the Korean Death March, Tiger Death March, Carmel Nuns, POW

Thomas G. "Skip" Hannon, Chapters #1 and #199, "The Land of the Morning Calm"

Dick Pfahler, Chapter #169, "The orphans of Fushi-to Island and the U.S.S. St. Paul.

Bryant "Woodie" Wood, Jr., Chapter #16, " If I’m gonna die, let me die trying."

“My Old Box of Memories; Thoughts of the Korean War” by Bill Allen, Chapter 14, book review

Hallahan, Robert F., 52nd Field Artillery Combat Operations in Korea 1951-1952.

Harmon, Joseph L., Life as a Peacemaker in Korea

Eddie Ko Story, "I feel that the ordinary American GI is the world's greatest hero."

Bill Funchess, Chapter #244, Korean POW, A thousand days of torment!

Shorty Estabrook TX #298 "Tiger Survivors" POW

Tom Lyke, TX #76, 6th Medium Tank Battalion, 24th Infantry Division at The Valley of Death

Burson, William, AP, Into the Valley of Death Rode The Four Hundred.

Thiel, Tom J., “Silent Night, Holy Night, All is Calm, All is Bright,” Central Front North Korea, 1951.

Mc Adoo, Albert, 5th RCT in DEATH VALLEY 22-25 APRIL 1951

York, Ron, "Little Red Outhouse," 5th RCT, circa 1980.