Korean War and Korea Defense Service Veterans Association, Inc. 
Department of Florida (DoF)

January 15, 2011, DoF Council Minutes


Minutes of Council Meeting

Ocala, Florida

January 2011

The meeting was called to order by President Bradford at 10:30 A.M.

Invocation was given by Chaplain Harold Sievers

Pledge of Allegiance was led by Sergeant-at-Arms, Mickey Tutolo.

Welcome James Bradford, President thanked all for coming. He announced the location of the coffee and Danish and also that lunch would be served in the hotel dining room at 12:00 Noon.

Roll Call of Officers

All Department Officers were present.

All Chapters present except Chapters 15, 17, 106, 110, 159 (suspended), 174, and 318

Secretary Arcand announced a quorum with 3 Officers and 8 Chapters present.

President Bradford noted that Chapter 174, Spring Hill, had turned in their Charter to National Secretary, Frank Cohee. Mr. Bradford expressed regret as Chapter 174 was active and a credit to their members and the Department of Florida.

Introduction of Executive Board and Appointed Members included

  • Past President and Association Liaison Jake Feaster
  • Judge Advocate Bill McCraney
  • Association Secretary Frank Cohee
  • Korea/American Liaison Eddie Ko
  • Newsletter Editor Richard Arcand
  • Sergeant-at-Arms Mickey Tutolo
  • Chaplain Harold Sievers
  • Historian Bill Shibler

President Bradford noted with pleasure the large turnout for the meeting.

Minutes of the September, 2010 Council Meeting; Reading of the minutes of the September 25th 2010 meeting was excused on a motion by Bill McCraney and second by Charlie First. Minutes were sent to all Chapter Presidents and Appointed Officers prior to the meeting. Motion carried.


  1.  Finance Report: The Finance Report was reviewed. Incorporation and Solicitation certificates are up to date. Bob Balzer asked for an update on the 100,00 WON Bank draft received from Lou Dechert in 2008. The bank draft in question was properly processed through Atlanta to South Korea where the Bank refused to honor it (Bank Unknown) and despite several attempts via the Consulate in Atlanta, we have had no response. With no further discussion, a motion to accept the financial report, subject to audit, was entered by M. Tutelo and seconded by G. Gillette and motion carried.
  2.  Correspondence -J. Arcand: The planned Memorial Service at Convention 2011 will be held on Sunday, May 8, 2011 at 8:00 A.M. Chapter Chaplains and Presidents are requested to send the names of the deceased members to Joan Arcand, Secretary when available. The names will be read at the service.
  3.  Chaplain 's Report - Harold Siever: Mr. Sievers reported himself as busy with Chapter 169. One deceased member was interred with full honors at Bushnell.
  4.  National KWVA Convention Report: Frank Cohee, Association Secretary reported on two Board of Directors meetings and the decision to hold the 2011 Convention in Boston, Mass. He also stated concerning membership: There is no category for non-active members. “You either are a member or you are not a member.”
  5.  Department of Florida Association Report – J. Feaster: Mr. Feaster asked Presidents to check the Association Web site, check status of members and correct, turn in election results as soon as possible, be sure officers are valid and fulfill the need to have ten (10) regular members to open a Chapter. If there are any questions, call him.
  6.  Department of Florida Judge Advocate – Bill McCraney: Mr. McCraney read a change in the Bylaws that would allow the Secretary's position to be appointed rather than elected to be voted on at the May general membership meeting. A motion to present the change to the general membership was made by Bob Balzer, seconded by H. Butler, motion carried without discussion.
  7.  Department of Florida Newsletter: R. Arcand requested articles for future events as well as report items suitable for the Newsletter as soon as possible.
  8.  Korean-American Report – Eddie Ko: Mr. Ko reported on a revisit with Murdoch Ford and stated he found South Korea “happy with many changes occurring in the past 60 years. North Korea has problems galore and its dealings with China should be closely watched. He, (Mr. Ko) personally feels “we should have finished the war”- [Ed. Note-See historian Report].


Web Site. Due to illness of Mr. Thiel, it was decided to table the report until Convention 2011.

The Convention Theme will be “Memories of Times Past”. Brochures , registration forms and maps to the various programs will be mailed in late February to all President/Commanders. Because of the different venues, the staff must have all registrations by May 2, Guests will include the Association President MacSwain and his wife. Remember, there is no scheduled luncheon on Friday, the 6th of May before the 1:30 P.M. business meeting. There are plenty of eateries outside the hotel. If you stay at the hotel overnight, breakfast is free. We'll continue to provide coffee and Danish Saturday A.M. There is a strict dress code at the Elks Hall on Friday night-no shorts, jeans, or T-shirts, please!

Uniform is the choice for the membership meetings and business dress for the men and after six for the ladies for the banquet.

Meals have been appropriately picked to follow the theme of the Convention. We will have lunch in Arthur's Restaurant. Add $5.00 each for member or spouse, $14.00 for all others. The lunch will be hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.

We'll have a beautiful singer who knows all “our songs' at the Banquet and you might even sing along.

Sunday Memorial services will close out our Convention at 8:00 A.M. sharp. Patrons, Sponsors and Boosters were updated by Charlie First for the Convention booklet. Information flyers will be resent by mid-February. Charlie First proceeded to sell patrons and elicited nine (9) Chapter Booster promises.

For the Storytelling Contest at the Elks-Call Laurie (1-863-533-7374) with your funniest story “ever.” You might win a prize?

The Honor Guard for the opening of the Convention membership meeting on Saturday will be members of the E-Board.

Chapter Elections: Joan Arcand reports that she has received 18 reports to date and has forwarded them to Frank Cohee, Association Secretary, as requested.


Hank Butler, Chapter 192, proposed his Chapter as host for the 2012 Convention and Council meetings with all meetings to be held at the Plantation Golf and Spa in Crystal River. He outlined amenities at the Hotel and referred all to the Brochure in their packages.

Daytona Beach Chapter 189 indicated they would like to be considered for the 2013 meetings and Convention.

A motion was made by Bill McCraney and seconded by Thomas Hannon to accept the Plantation Golf and Spa for Convention 2012. Motion passed.

Election Status reported by Nomination Chairman Bill McCraney :

  • President Charlie First 173
  • First Vice President Bill Shibler 188
  • Second Vice President B. Hebner 155
  • Third Vice President J. Stelling 173
  • Secretary B. Sarver 175
  • Treasurer J. Arcand 014

Meeting Break------------

The afternoon was completed with Chapter reports. The reports will be a part of the next Newsletter.

Joan M. Arcand, Secretary