Korean War and Korea Defense Service Veterans Association, Inc. 
Department of Florida (DoF)

September 25, 2010, DoF Council Minutes


Minutes of Council Meeting
Ocala, Florida
September 25, 2010

 The meeting was called to order by President  Bradford at 10:30 A.M. Invocation was given by Chaplain Harold Sievers. Pledge of Allegiance was led by Sergeant-at-Arms, Mickey Tutolo.

 Welcome: James Bradford, President thanked all for coming. He announced the location of the coffee and Danish and also that lunch would be served in the hotel dining room at 12:00 Noon.

 Roll Call of Officers: All Department Officers were present. Secretary Arcand announced a quorum with 17 Chapter Presidents and/or designees.

 Gene Gillette, 3rd Vice President, thanked everyone for their cards and prayers during his recent illness.

 Introduction of Executive Board and Appointed Members, included

  •  Past President and Association Liaison, Jake Feaster
  •  Judge Advocate, Bill McCraney
  •  Association Secretary, Frank Cohee
  •  Korea/American Liaison, Eddie Ko
  •  Newsletter Editor, Richard Arcand
  •  Sergeant-at-Arms, Mickey Tutolo
  •  Chaplain, Harold Sievers
  •  Historian, Bill Shibler

 Minutes of the May 7, 2010 Council Meeting: A motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes from the previous council meeting was made by C.Carafano, President Chapter 153 and seconded by Bill McCraney, Judge Advocate.  There were no additions corrections or deletions. Motion approved. A motion was then made to approve the minutes as printed and distributed.  Motion approved.


  1.  President Bradford reviewed actions taken at the Convention 2009 Council Meeting
  2.  The audit committee consisting of Major James Slaugenhauf, USA (Ret.) and Murdoch Ford, President, Chapter 175 completed the annual inspection of the Finances of the Department of Florida and said audit found all to be in good order. A signed statement was presented to the Secretary for her files from the Treasurer.
  3. Finance Report: Treasurer, Richard Arcand reviewed the quarterly report that was in each President's packet, covering May to September.  He also reviewed the proposed Budget 2010-2011.  Skip Hannon, Commander, Chapter 199, made a motion to accept the Treasurer's report subject to audit.  Approved.
  4.  Correspondence: Secretary reported that there was no correspondence.
  5.  Chaplain's Report: Harold Sievers, Chaplain reported that he was quite active in both his Chapter and in the community with three funerals at Bushnell National Cemetery as well as sending out appropriate sympathy and get-well cards when informed.
  6. National KWVA Report: Frank Cohee, Association Secretary, read the unofficial notes pertaining to the past business at National Convention 2010 which contained election results, financial changes, liability insurance quotes, membership changes (membership stands at 17,612 – 1,100 member increase) and the reinstatement of Harley Coon as a member. The quorum required at Convention was reduced to 50 and the number required to form a new  chapter has been reduced from 12 to 10. The formal minutes will appear in the next issue of the Greybeards in full.  Mr. Cohee also thanked everyone for making the many programs, especially Tell America, successful.
  7.  Department of Florida-Association Report: Jake Feaster reported that the membership level is increasing and presented the President and designees present with a summary report of their chapters. Four chapters in Florida are not “in good standing” for one reason or another. Secretary Arcand reminded all that Chapter 159 has been suspended by the Department of Florida.
  8. Judge Advocate: Bill McCraney read the Bylaw change, which would allow the position of Secretary to be appointed rather than elected, and to be voted on by the membership at the next Convention (Addendum No.1). He also directed all Presidents to review the election process for the officers of the Department. All positions are open.
  9.  Newsletter: Richard Arcand, Newsletter Editor reported there would be two more Department newsletters and that he would be looking for his replacement after Convention 2011.
  10. Korean Liaison Report: Eddie Ko reported grave concern over the news from North Korea and the appointment of  son of the Premier as his successor. Mr. Ko also reported that a delegation from South Korea would be hosting an 60th anniversary program on October 9, 2010 at the Doubletree Hotel in Tampa, Florida. He and  Murdoch Ford of Chapter 175 are coordinating the attendance and invitations for the event.
  11. Historian: No Report


Web Site Update: Tom Thiel reviewed the program and the good and bad features therein. He praised Mr. Doppelhammer for his help. After lengthy debate and discussion, there was a motion to dissolve the current site and redesign for E-board and Council approval for presentation to membership at Convention 2011. Motion by C. Carafano, second by  E. DeWitt. Motion passed.

Code of Ethics: Bill Shibler reminded the membership that we have a new Code of Ethics for the Department of Florida and read the Code for the benefit of those members who have not read it yet..

MOPH Reception: President Bradford then reviewed the MOPH Reception for Korean War Veterans held at the Gaylord Manor, Orlando this past August 13, 2010. It was very crowded as many members of the Purple Heart group were from the Korean War. Those Korean Vets present received a medal from Col. Kim of Central Command.


Hank Butler reviewed the upcoming Council Meeting (January 15, 2011) and the Orientation of all new officers. A memorandum will be sent to all Chapters prior to the January Meeting.

Convention 2011 will be held at this hotel (Hilton Ocala) and President Bradford urged all Presidents to become aware of the cut-off dates for hotel reservations and meal selection. Memoranda will include all the information required.  The theme for this year is “Memories.”

Convention 2011 Boosters and Sponsors will be sold beginning today and a flyer memo is in the President's packets. Two individual sponsors were sold as a kickoff to the Program. “Chapters have responded well in the past”, stated President Bradford, “and we hope to have all Chapters represented.”

Convention Color Guard for the opening ceremonies at the Convention are being sought from area Chapters with Chapter 16 having first choice.

Friday Night at the Convention 2011. We have negotiated with the local Elks Club for dinner and we'll have a program of sea stories, war stories and love stories after dinner. There will be a cash bar and casual dress. The price of dinner will be $14.00.

The War Memorial in Ocala is on the way from the hotel to the Elks Club and is is a real tribute to the men of Chapter 16 who were responsible for building and maintaining this beautiful site. Please stop by to spend a few moments.

Elections 2011: President Bradford stated that Bill McCraney has accepted the position of Elections Chairman. Bill McCraney, stated that James Bradford, Bob Balzer, Gene Gillette Richard and Joan Arcand would not run for another term. Offices thus available are: President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Third Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Elections Chairman Bill McCraney reported that the CALL FOR ELECTIONS would be mailed out to all Chapter Presidents within the month, and emailed to all members by Jake Feaster during the same period.

Upcoming Conventions for the Department of Florida  President Bradford will accept a written letter (See Bylaws) for those Chapters wishing to sponsor next year's (2012) Council meetings and Convention. The dates will be in September 2012, January 2013 and May 2013.

Chapter Elections  A  form has been placed in the President's folders for this report.  Please send it directly to the Secretary and it will be forwarded to the Association Secretary as well as KWVA liaison Jake Feaster. If you only hold an election every two years and this is the odd year, please send a copy of the current board. Be sure all Executive Board members are current in State and Association dues.

[Reports by the Chapters will be shown in the Fall Newsletter]


 American Flag Sales: Citrus Country President Butler announced his Chapter's fund-raising effort. Order forms were in the meeting folders. Flags can be purchased in the lobby after the meeting.

 Meeting Survey Sheets: Secretary Arcand reported that analysis of the survey sheets showed the usual complaints concerning a) temmperatureof the room, b) size of room and c) cost of meal.

 Badges: Members were requested to “turn in the I.D. Badges at the the door as you leave.” They will be recycled where practical.

 Flo Smith won the 50/50 reported by Mickey Tutelo to be $71.00 to the winner

BENEDICTION was offered by Chaplain Sievers


MEETING ADJOURNED on a motion by Bill McCraney and second by Charlie First.



                                                                      Joan M. Arcand