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Department of Florida (DoF)

Department History, by Tom J. Thiel

At the June 5, 2013, DoF Executive Board Meeting, I agreed to compile a Department of Florida History. No one at that meeting was aware of any DoF History document. Yet from some of the documents (links) below we know that an early effort was undertaken. The DoF History Draft link below was compiled from two sources: a) early DoF newsletters, and b) a key word search of ALL Graybeards for articles containing "Department of Florida." If you have early newsletters other than those already shown on this website, if you have knowledge of DoF History not now covered in the Draft document, or if you wish to add to the Draft History, please contact the Webmaster.

Florida Department KWVA Born on November 12, 1988

Ann Carafano Historian Letters 1997-98   

DoF History DRAFT for COMMENT (from Articles in Graybeards and early newsletters)

Department Past Officers & Convention Sites    Department Newsletters